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SVGArk: Store and Search SVG


SVGArk: Store and Search SVG

The advanced example of using TinyLine and Google App Engine brings together full text search of SVG images and visual representation of search results by thumbnail images.

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Uploading SVG files

Currently only SVG Tiny files could be served correctly. The images you upload mean to be clip-art. People have to be able to use the images in their presentations, signs, fliers, greeting cards, bulletins, and other documents without giving attribution.

Searching SVG files

Search includes the text nodes of an SVG content and a caption provided. In SVGArk an SVG image caption plays the same role of context as a HTML portion surrounding a link to an image. Therefore, you can use a caption to include some "key" words. The size of the caption is limited to 500 characters.


  • It's a demo!
  • Each SVG file cannot be bigger than 1MB SVG
  • The gzipped content is not supported
  • The number of search terms is limited (5).

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